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Vedat Milor

One of the Best Restaurants on the Anatolian Side: Calipso Fish

11 November 2017

This is a restaurant rich in material, spacious and not shabby. Their biggest plus is that they know how to cook. Be sure to try the fish balls. You will understand what I am saying.

Calipso, next to the Küçükyalı Marriage Office, is a decent restaurant.

Calipso Taş Fırında Kalkan Tandır

Taş fırında kalkan tandır

They didn't know my future


Ziya is a very kind person, but I think he didn't know my red lines because he didn't read my posts and only knew me from the screen. He had no idea of my future and was very surprised. So I can make an objective assessment.

Calipso Balık Köftesi

Fish Cake

Calipso is a restaurant rich in ingredients, spacious and not shabby. The biggest plus is that their fish is good and they know how to cook. Here both the salad and herbs are very fresh and varied. Radish, sorrel, borage, nettle, chives, mallow, zaho... Others I forgot to write... Roasted yogurt doesn't suit you. What wonderful fish sauces can be obtained by pulverizing these herbs. Aegean style olive oil, lemon, garlic will stay alive. Boiling is also possible. Who is doing it in Istanbul?

Calipso Rum Böreği

Rum Pastry

Crispy shrimp ravioli, funny...

Whether it's homemade cornbread or chickpea flour bread, it's successful. Bass with pesto sauce is not bland. Cretan pate is delicious. Köpoğlu can also be accepted, but the special thing is various purees or pastes, which are used for taste. Roasted eggplant, sun-dried tomatoes and peppers, cinnamon, walnut and herb paste. I didn't get enough notes as I enjoyed eating it so much, but try it and you'll agree that the combinations are a success. Also try the fish cake. You will understand that you are eating fish. Crispy shrimp ravioli, funny... A good opportunity to get the kids started on seafood. Sardines in vine leaves are very successful.

Calipso Kalamar Izgara

Grilled Squid

First boiled and then barbecued octopus is also good. Butter and garlic sauce... Oven-baked 'tandoori sea bass' is a must try dish. It is an indication that the classical cooking style of the Italians can be achieved in our country as well. It is cooked with olive oil, garlic and potatoes. Unfortunately, the Black Sea no longer has natural sea bass. But because of the successful cooking, the blandness of the fish disappeared. The panna cotta they prepare with fresh fruits is also good. Undoubtedly one of the best fish restaurants on the opposite side.


Vedat Milor's rating is 4 out of 5 stars

Address: Turgut Özal Bulvarı Cumhuriyet Caddesi No: 2

Küçükyalı İstanbul Tel: 0216 489 28 58

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