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Ziya Kaçar and Veli Şahin are two important names who have gained experience by taking part in all phases of the business, especially in seafood. Kaçar and Şahin combine their long years of experience at Calipso Fish as of 2014 and host unique flavors. We listen to Calipso Fish and its special flavors from Ziya Kaçar and Veli Şahin.

Ziya Kaçar and Veli Şahin, who decided to create a permanent and innovative brand in the sector by combining their experiences over many years, took the first step for Calipso Fish and tell their establishment stories as follows: and to create our own space where we can make our dreams come true. In line with this goal, we established Calipso Fish in October 2014 and started hosting our guests in January 2015. We tried to create a serene and unique place both in the heart of the city and accompanied by greenery and island views by combining our goal of awareness-raising sustainable flavors, quality service, and our guests' expectation of comfort with the concept of Aegean cuisine.”


“Our kitchen team consists of friends we have worked with for many years”


Saying that a team that has worked together for many years provides great advantages in the kitchen, Kaçar said, “We created unique products by developing the fresh and delicious products of the Aegean cuisine together with the creativity of our team. Our menu is created with an innovative and sustainable approach, as a result of this teamwork, after each product is tested with our own taste. In addition to the experience of the kitchen team, all the products we buy can be selected by us in terms of taste, freshness and continuity, regardless of price, and enter our kitchen. Our menu is prepared according to different options such as al a carte, set menu, children's menu, and tasting menu, and the selections are made by taking into account the seasonal factors and the evaluations of the guests, together with our team.”


“Our trademark; fish balls, atom, ravioli with shrimp, savory ball, sea bass cutlet and of course turbot tandoori”


Şahin shares the following information about the menu: “There are many important tastes in our wide menu. We offer our guests Aegean herbs, appetizers, hot starters, fish specialties and more.” Stating that they care about the opinions of their guests, Şahin continues: “Our menu consists of options that we have always developed to bring out the best. However, our trademark is; fish cake, atom, shrimp ravioli, savory ball, sea bass cutlet, turbot tandoori, panna cotta and all our desserts.”


“Bluefish, turbot, swallow, tongue, flounder are the outstanding fish of the winter season”


Regarding fish cooking techniques, Şahin shares the following: “The most important feature of cooking seafood is that the fish is cooked healthily with its own steam in a stone oven and on low heat, with its own juice and complementary baked potatoes and onions. Grilling on charcoal is a cooking technique performed without losing the characteristics of the fish. Its flavor will be brought to the top with Aegean herbs, which are complementary to the fish.”


“We want to carry our flavors abroad”


Finally, when we ask about his future plans for Calipso Fish, Kaçar shares the following information with us: “Our main goal is to bring our innovative understanding of Calipso Fish as our guests' home instead of being a standard seafood restaurant, in our new locations planned in Istanbul on the European Side and Aegean coasts. Apart from this, requests from abroad are also evaluated together with our team, and we want to carry our flavors abroad in the near future.”

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